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Lego City Lego

Selected: Lego City

icon: Lego 60317 Police Chase at the Bank - for sale low as: 64.99

Lego 60317 Police Chase at the Bank

Lego City - Endless action awaits with this Lego City Police Chase at the Bank 60317 playset, featuring a function-packed bank building, a cleaner’s truck that folds out into a...
icon: Lego 60330 Hospital - for sale low as: 66.99

Lego 60330 Hospital

Lego City - This Lego City Hospital 60330 toy playset is packed with inspiring features for imaginative play, including a front desk with kids’ playroom, maternity ward, WC and an MRI...
icon: Lego 60262 Passenger Airplane - for sale low as: 69.99

Lego 60262 Passenger Airplane

Lego City - Children can launch creative play skyward with this Lego City Passenger Airplane (60262) building set, featuring a huge aircraft with seating for the pilot and passenger...
icon: Lego 60246 Police Station - for sale low as: 89.99

Lego 60246 Police Station

Lego City - Here’s a great building set for kids who love action-packed building toys. This Lego City Police Station (60246) playset has an exploding cell, cool vehicles and fun...
icon: Lego 60220 Garbage Truck - for sale low as: 15.-

Lego 60220 Garbage Truck

Lego City - Help your child keep Lego City clean with the neat 60220 Garbage Truck. This industrious Lego 4+ vehicle playset is made to be fun and easy for preschoolers and younger children,...
icon: Lego 60214 Burger Bar Fire Rescue - for sale low as: 25.-

Lego 60214 Burger Bar Fire Rescue

Lego City - Defend the local burger shop with the awesome Lego City 60214 Burger Bar Fire Rescue set, featuring a burger bar with sign and toppling fire elements, sliding service window and...
icon: Lego 60198 Cargo Train - for sale low as: 139.99

Lego 60198 Cargo Train

Lego City - Load up the powerful Lego City 60198 Cargo Train and deliver the goods on time! This cool Lego City playset features a motorized engine with 10-speed Bluetooth remote control,...
icon: Lego 60205 Tracks - for sale low as: 17.99

Lego 60205 Tracks

Lego City - Extend your passenger train’s range with this Lego City 60205 Tracks set. This playset of 8 straight tracks, 4 curved tracks and 8 flexible tracks is the perfect supplement...
icon: Lego 60238 Switch Tracks - for sale low as: 17.99

Lego 60238 Switch Tracks

Lego City - Build up your cargo train tracks with the Lego City 60238 Switch Tracks set, to help make hauling or carrying passengers even more exciting. This set, comprised of 4 curved...

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Compare Lego City prices? We keep an eye on the stores every day and show you the different Lego City prices and stocks. But there is more than just buying the Lego City for the lowest price. The store where you buy it is also important. But also look closely at stocks and delivery times. We are independent and show you all. No more endless searching for the best Lego City choice!

Lego City offer
In Lego City, many aspects of everyday life are reproduced through recognizable models with which a city of action, humor and charm can be built. Lego City is a realistic Lego world where your child can discover everything and stimulate the imagination. Iconic vehicles and buildings create a vibrant environment. Lego City has the following sub-themes: police, fire, jungle and vehicles. Saving the city is fun, but we prefer to do that at a nice price. With us you can view all, including the latest Lego City building sets. We show you the lowest price per store and you can conveniently sort by age, number of building blocks and quantity of minifigures.

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The retail market is constantly changing. With us you will find the most popular products all neatly grouped in one place. So you never need to search long to find your best choice! Popular products Lego City Lego buying and price comparison August 2022

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