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icon: Playmobil 9382 Take Along Police Station - for sale low as: 22.79

Playmobil 9382 Take Along Police Station

Playmobil 123 - Take Along Police Station with lockable prison cells, an office, helipad and a Police bike. Closed Dimensions: 17.3 x 5.1 x 5.9 in length x width x hight. The set's entire...
icon: Playmobil 9379 Children's Carousel - for sale low as: 7.79

Playmobil 9379 Children's Carousel

Playmobil 123 - Children's Carousel with space for up to four figures. Can spin in both directions. On the carousel, 1.2.3 figures can be fixed in the four seats. The individual seats can...
icon: Playmobil 9377 Zoo - for sale low as: 34.99

Playmobil 9377 Zoo

Playmobil 123 - Includes a monkey enclosure with a swing and a cave shelter, as well as a penguin enclosure with a slide. Dimensions: 13.8 x 13 x 6.3 in length x width x hight. Can be combined...
icon: Playmobil 9384 Police Car - for sale low as: 12.99

Playmobil 9384 Police Car

Playmobil 123 - Police Car with trailer hitch. The police car is equipped with a trailer hitch. A 1.2.3 figure can sit in the vehicle. The warning triangle is stored in the boot rack behind the...
icon: Playmobil 9378 Lion Enclosure - for sale low as: 9.99

Playmobil 9378 Lion Enclosure

Playmobil 123 - Lion Enclosure with caves and a tree for shade. Can be combined with the Zoo 9377 sold separately. Can be combined with: 9377 Zoo. Can be combined with art. no. 9377 Zoo: The...
icon: Playmobil 9383 Police Copter - for sale low as: 11.99

Playmobil 9383 Police Copter

Playmobil 123 - Police Copter with movable rotor blade. The rotor blades can be turned by hand and the helicopter has room for one 1.2.3 figure.Combine with art. no. 9382 Take Along Police...
icon: Playmobil 6775 1.2.3 Excavator  - for sale low as: 10.-

Playmobil 6775 1.2.3 Excavator

Playmobil 123 - Excavator with moveable shovel. With movable gripper arm Includes Playmobil figure Set consists of 4 parts Dimensions length x width x hight centimeter: 17 x 7 x 9...
icon: Playmobil 9119 Pirate Island  - for sale low as: 10.40

Playmobil 9119 Pirate Island

Playmobil 123 - Pirate Island with treasure cave and places to put sea creatures. The turtle floats. The puzzle pieces, turtle and mountain can be fitted into the latches provided on the base....
icon: Playmobil 9123 Take Along Market Stall  - for sale low as: 17.99

Playmobil 9123 Take Along Market Stall

Playmobil 123 - Play shopping, sort groceries, pack everything up and take it along with the practical carry handle. – As soon as the front of the case is closed and the case has been...
icon: Playmobil 9122 Rescue Ambulance  - for sale low as: 16.99

Playmobil 9122 Rescue Ambulance

Playmobil 123 - The rear door opens. – The Rescue Ambulance is fully pre-assembled and equipped with a trailer hitch. As is standard for 1.2.3 vehicles, there is a towing latch on the...
icon: Playmobil 1.2.3. 6964 Tractor with Trailer - for sale low as: 10.49

Playmobil 1.2.3. 6964 Tractor with Trailer

Playmobil 123 - Shovel and lever are movable. The hollow of the trailer is tilted for unloading to the back. The tractor is able by the gate of the take along farm (article no. 6962) go....
icon: Playmobil 6967 Ladder Unit Fire Truck  - for sale low as: 13.-

Playmobil 6967 Ladder Unit Fire Truck

Playmobil 123 - The ladder is swivelling 360 ° and is completely movable with the basket. With trailer coupling. integrated tow hook. Space for a 1.2.3 figure. The ladder rotates...
icon: Playmobil 6962 My Take Along Farm  - for sale low as: 31.34

Playmobil 6962 My Take Along Farm

Playmobil 123 - With friendly court animals. Attic with sorting function for hay, bag and tonne. Dimensions open: 13,78 x 4,33 x 7,48 inch (LxDxH) Can be combined with: 6964 Tractor with...
icon: Playmobil 6774 1.2.3 Recycling Truck  - for sale low as: 8.79

Playmobil 6774 1.2.3 Recycling Truck

Playmobil 123 - The Playmobil play set garbage truck 6774 from the Playmobil 1-2-3 series promotes logic and motor skills. The small garbage truck drives through the city, collecting all the...
icon: Playmobil 9118 Pirate Ship  - for sale low as: 29.99

Playmobil 9118 Pirate Ship

Playmobil 123 - The Pirate Ship floats and the big cannon "shoots" with water. The Pirate Ship floats and CANNOT be equipped with a submersible motor. An integrated air chamber in...
icon: Playmobil 6765 My Take Along 1.2.3 Noah´s Ark  - for sale low as: 24.29

Playmobil 6765 My Take Along 1.2.3 Noah´s Ark

Playmobil 123 - In the Playmobil 1-2-3 the Noah's Ark takes place for all animals. The boat deck is removable and you will find storage space underneath. The roof can be opened and the boat...

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