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Selected: Playmobil Space

icon: Playmobil 9492 Astronaut and Robot Duo Pack - for sale low as: 4.91

Playmobil 9492 Astronaut and Robot Duo Pack

Playmobil Space - Playmobil Space Astronaut and Robot Duo Pack for hours of fun. Are you fond of action and adventure? You will have lots of fun with this Playmobil. Recommended for ages...
icon: Playmobil 9487 Mars Space Station - for sale low as: 54.07

Playmobil 9487 Mars Space Station

Playmobil Space - With 2 astronauts, a robot and a functioning double laser shooter, as well as various light and sound effects 2 x AAA batteries required. Includes lots of equipment and...

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Playmobil Space offer
From the space station on Mars you experience great adventures. The whole series is complete with launch platform, Mars-trike, space station, Mars reconnaissance vehicle and Meteoroid laser. But we prefer to experience a space adventure at a nice price. With us you can view all, including the latest Playmobil Space building sets. We show you the lowest price per store and you can conveniently sort by age, number of parts and quantity of minifigures.

A lot of fun on Mars!

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