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Buy Lego 10875 Cargo Train? Compare Prices, the Lego Duplo Cargo Train is now even easier for your toddler to control and interact with in multiple ways. Young children can become the train

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Specifications Lego 10875 Cargo Train


Modelnumber 10875
EAN number 5702016117271
SKU number 6213754
Age 2-5
VIP Points 99


Theme Duplo
Total minifigures 2
Pieces 105
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  • Endless gaming fun • Good quality • Durable • Sparks creativity • Builds motor skills
  • Large • so harder to store
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    Are you unsure whether the product you want to compare is the same? Then look at the EAN (gtin13) code. The Lego 10875 Cargo Train has the following EAN code 5702016117271. An EAN code is unique and stands for a European Article Number that you can recognize in the form of thirteen digits below the barcode. It provides a unique identification between lego and is only issued once.

    The advisory age

    For each lego product and for the Lego 10875 Cargo Train there is a recommended age which is determined by regulations. The recommended age for this product is for 2-5 years.


    Lego 10875 Cargo Train - Image 1Lego 10875 Cargo Train - Image 2Lego 10875 Cargo Train - Image 3Lego 10875 Cargo Train - Image 4
    The Lego 10875 Cargo Train is part of the lego theme duplo.

    Total Minifigures

    The number of minifigures you get is the first thing people look at when you want to buy the lego. This set has a total of 2 figures.

    Total Pieces

    The Lego 10875 Cargo Train has a total of 105 pieces in the box spread across different bags.

    The Lego Duplo Cargo Train is now even easier for your toddler to control and interact with in multiple ways. Young children can become the train driver with the Push & Go motor — a gentle push either forwards or backwards sends the train on its way and a firm hold or lift off the tracks will make it stop. Help them place the 5 colored action bricks along the track to sound the horn, turn the lights on and off, pause and refuel, change direction and stop the train wherever they like. With a harbor, boat, café, loading station, 2 cranes, 3 Duplo figures plus an animal figure and lots of cool track pieces included in this Lego Duplo set, preschoolers can enjoy classic, fun train play. Download the optional app to unlock even more play possibilities, including remote-control function and fun activities to complete with your toddler!


    • Includes cargo train driver, captain, and shopkeeper Lego Duplo figures, plus a seagull figure.
    • Features a buildable Push & Go locomotive with lights and sounds, 2 cargo trucks with tipping function, 5 color-coded action bricks, harbor area with small crane and boat, large crane, café, loading/unloading station and 24 pieces of track including switches, hills, a crossing and stops.
    • Accessory elements include a gas pump, coffee machine, cup, chocolate bar, milk bottle, fishing net, bread, bananas, parcel, cash register, wrench, fish and a menu.
    • Any toddler can start the train with a gentle push forwards or backwards, and stop it by placing their hand firmly on top of the engine.
    • Show your child how to place the 5 colored action bricks and move them around the track to make the train sound the horn, turn on the lights, refuel, change direction or stop.
    • Help your child load and unload the tipping cargo containers using the moving crane.
    • Push the train to send it towards the harbor and collect the fish from the boat.
    • Enjoy shop role-play with your child as the train driver stops for lunch at the café.
    • Extend the play possibilities by downloading the free app with remote-control function and fun activities for young children to complete.
    • The train and tracks included in this playset are compatible with your childs existing Lego Duplo train collection.
    • Try floating the little boat in the bath! WARNING: The locomotive and batteries must NOT be placed in or used near water.
    • Download the optional app at the App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon Kindle Store. Learn more at
    • Lego Duplo products are specially designed to be fun and easy for little hands.
    • This product requires batteries not included. Please refer to the product packaging for type and quantity.
    • Combine with the 10872 Train Bridge and Tracks, 10874 Steam Train and 10882 Train Tracks for even more track combinations and Lego Duplo train fun.
    • Cargo Train with cargo trucks measures over 3 inches - 10 centimeters high, 18 inches - 47 centimeters long and 3 inches - 8 centimeters wide.
    • Station measures over 7 inches - 18 centimeters high, 5 inches - 15 centimeters wide and 5 inches - 13 centimeters deep.
    • Large crane measures over 13 inches - 35 centimeters high, 6 inches - 16 centimeters wide and 6 inches - 16 centimeters deep.
    • Boat measures over 6 inches - 17 centimeters high, 7 inches - 19 centimeters long and 5 inches - 13 centimeters wide.

    Lego 10875 building Instructions

    If the building instructions for your Lego 10875 set were missing or maybe damaged when you purchased it? You can download the booklet here. Official Lego 10875 booklet.


    • Modelnumber: 10875
    • Age: 2-5
    • Theme: Duplo
    • Total minifigures: 2
    • Pieces: 105

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