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Buy Lego 10840 Big Fair? Compare Prices, play out weekend family fun with modern Lego Duplo figures in the bright and colorful Big Fair. Toddlers will love to building the Ferris wheel and

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Specifications Lego 10840 Big Fair


Modelnumber 10840
EAN number 5702015869973
SKU number 6175778
Age 2-5
VIP Points 69


Theme Duplo
Total minifigures 5
Pieces 106
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  • Endless gaming fun • Good quality • Durable • Sparks creativity • Builds motor skills
  • Large • so harder to store
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    Are you unsure whether the product you want to compare is the same? Then look at the EAN (gtin13) code. The Lego 10840 Big Fair has the following EAN code 5702015869973. An EAN code is unique and stands for a European Article Number that you can recognize in the form of thirteen digits below the barcode. It provides a unique identification between lego and is only issued once.

    The advisory age

    For each lego product and for the Lego 10840 Big Fair there is a recommended age which is determined by regulations. The recommended age for this product is for 2-5 years.


    Lego 10840 Big Fair - Image 1Lego 10840 Big Fair - Image 2Lego 10840 Big Fair - Image 3Lego 10840 Big Fair - Image 4
    The Lego 10840 Big Fair is part of the lego theme duplo.

    Total Minifigures

    The number of minifigures you get is the first thing people look at when you want to buy the lego. This set has a total of 5 figures.

    Total Pieces

    The Lego 10840 Big Fair has a total of 106 pieces in the box spread across different bags.

    Play out weekend family fun with modern Lego Duplo figures in the bright and colorful Big Fair. Toddlers will love to building the Ferris wheel and turning it to watch the cars go round, rotating the carousel with gearwheel function and 4 horses to ride on, and playing with the big wavy slides again and again. They can also drive the little train and visit the ice cream kiosk, detach the giant ice cream and give it to mom or dad! Includes 5 Duplo figures.

    Lego 10840 Big Fair - Image 5Lego 10840 Big Fair - Image 6Lego 10840 Big Fair - Image 7


    • Includes 5 Lego Duplo figures: 2 adults and 3 children.
    • Features a Ferris wheel with 3 cars and turning function, rotating carousel with 4 horse figures and gearwheel function, stand with 2 wavy slides, train with carriage, ice cream kiosk with table and chairs, and a restroom block with toilet and sink.
    • Includes bricks decorated as ice creams, orange juice, measuring chart, toilet paper and soap bottles.
    • Accessory elements include a camera, balloons, whipped cream and a cup.
    • Help your child use the turning functions to spin the Ferris wheel and carousel.
    • Toddlers will enjoy sliding the Lego Duplo figures down the wavy slide or pushing them along in the train.
    • Use the modern characters, accessories and decorated bricks to play out family fun in a fun fair environment.
    • Lego Duplo products are specially designed to be safe and suitable for small hands.
    • This playset offers an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 2-5.
    • Ferris wheel measures over 14 inches - 38 centimeters high, 7 inches - 19 centimeters wide and 6 inches - 16 centimeters deep.
    • Carousel measures over 7 inches - 20 centimeters high, 7 inches - 21 centimeters wide and 8 inches - 19 centimeters deep.
    • Ice cream kiosk measures over 9 inches - 24 centimeters high, 4 inches - 12 centimeters wide and 3 inches - 7 centimeters deep.
    • Train measures over 3 inches - 9 centimeters high, 9 inches - 24 centimeters long and 3 inches - 6 centimeters wide.
    • Combine with the 10839 Shooting Gallery to extend the fair environment.
    • There are several My Town products to collect and play out family fun in a recognizable Lego Duplo world.

    Lego 10840 building Instructions

    If the building instructions for your Lego 10840 set were missing or maybe damaged when you purchased it? You can download the booklet here. Official Lego 10840 booklet.

    LEGO 10840 BIG FAIR

    • Modelnumber: 10840
    • Age: 2-5
    • Theme: Duplo
    • Total minifigures: 5
    • Pieces: 106

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    Lego 10840 Big Fair - Image 8Lego 10840 Big Fair - Image 9Lego 10840 Big Fair - Image 10Lego 10840 Big Fair - Image 11
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