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Lego 70424 Ghost Train Express compare prices. Immerse kids in the ultimate augmented-reality play experience with this exciting Lego Hidden Side 70424 Ghost Train Express playset. This awesome toy

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Specifications Lego 70424 Ghost Train Express


Modelnumber 70424
EAN number 5702016367195
Age 8+
VIP Points 560


Theme Hidden Side
Total minifigures 5
Pieces 698
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Actual price: £ 69.99
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Are you unsure whether the product you want to compare is the same? Then look at the EAN (gtin13) code. The Lego 70424 Ghost Train Express has the following EAN code 5702016367195. An EAN code is unique and stands for a European Article Number that you can recognize in the form of thirteen digits below the barcode. It provides a unique identification between lego and is only issued once.

The advisory age

For each lego product and for the Lego 70424 Ghost Train Express there is a recommended age which is determined by regulations. The recommended age for this product is for 8+ years.


The Lego 70424 Ghost Train Express is part of the lego theme hidden side.

Total Minifigures

The number of minifigures you get is the first thing people look at when you want to buy the lego. This set has a total of 5 figures.

Total Pieces

The Lego 70424 Ghost Train Express has a total of 698 pieces in the box spread across different bags.

Immerse kids in the ultimate augmented-reality play experience with this exciting Lego Hidden Side 70424 Ghost Train Express playset. This awesome toy combines a buildable Lego model with an augmented reality app to deliver a fully interactive play experience. Download the Hidden Side app and scan the model with a phone to make it come alive – interacting with the model makes things happen in the app. And with continuous updates, a unique boss ghost to battle in each set, new mysteries to solve, cool items to find, games to play and ghosts to collect, this Lego Hidden Side playset gives kids a whole new way to play and interact with Lego bricks! This awesome train playset features cool, high-tech, ghost-catching details to inspire hours of imaginative play. And with 5 minifigures, including heroes Jack and Parker, there are a lot of play-starters so the action can start right away.


  • Download the Lego Hidden Side app and point your phone at the Ghost Train Express to make this train playset for kids come alive. Move the phone around to discover an ever-changing environment hidden around the model.
  • This augmented reality toy includes 5 figures: Jack Davids with a smartphone and girl minifigure Parker L. Jackson with a smartphone, tech genius J.B., ticket agent Ms. Santos, and ticket guy Chuck.
  • This train has lots of play-starting features, like ghost wings that fold-out with the flip of a lever, a chamber to pretend to remove the ghosts haunting Ms. Santos, and a de-haunting’ cannon to help defeat the ghosts and return the old train station to normal.
  • Set in the fictional town of Newbury, where ghosts haunt people and buildings, Lego Hidden Side playsets let kids play out exciting ghost-hunting adventures that combine physical Lego models with fully-interactive augmented reality.
  • Build and play with the physical building playset and then bring it to life as you interact with the playset while viewing it through the AR app.
  • Using the Lego Hidden Side app is like looking through a window to a cool and spooky Hidden Side filled with challenging mysteries to solve, ghosts to defeat and unique ghost bosses, like The Bawa, to overcome in each set.
  • To get the full augmented reality experience, a tablet or mobile phone is required, but not included. Compatible with selected iOS and Android devices. Check compatibility at Children should ask permission before going online.
  • Ghost train and station measure over 5 inches - 14 centimeters high, 5 inches - 15 centimeters wide and 24 inches - 61 centimeters long when haunted.

Lego 70424 building Instructions

If the building instructions for your Lego 70424 set were missing or maybe damaged when you purchased it? You can download the booklet here. Official Lego 70424 booklet.

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