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Playmobil 9360 SWAT Truck buying? Compare Prices, swat Truck with removable roof and space for up to 4 figures. Including working lights and sounds 1 x AAA battery required. With trailer

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Specifications Playmobil 9360 SWAT Truck


Modelnumber 9360
EAN number 4008789093608
Age 5+


Theme City Action
Total minifigures 3


Batteries needed (type) 2x AAA
Playmobil 9360 SWAT Truck buying?
Actual price: £ 38.49
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Are you unsure whether the product you want to compare is the same? Then look at the EAN (gtin13) code. The Playmobil 9360 SWAT Truck has the following EAN code 4008789093608. An EAN code is unique and stands for a European Article Number that you can recognize in the form of thirteen digits below the barcode. It provides a unique identification between playmobil and is only issued once.

The advisory age

For each playmobil product and for the Playmobil 9360 SWAT Truck there is a recommended age which is determined by regulations. The recommended age for this product is for 5+ years.


Playmobil 9360 SWAT Truck - Image 1Playmobil 9360 SWAT Truck - Image 2Playmobil 9360 SWAT Truck - Image 3Playmobil 9360 SWAT Truck - Image 4
The Playmobil 9360 SWAT Truck is part of the playmobil theme city action.

Total Minifigures

The number of minifigures you get is the first thing people look at when you want to buy the playmobil. This set has a total of 3 figures.


Building a set can start without batteries, but to enjoy the full power of the Playmobil 9360 SWAT Truck and cool technical functions you'll need to provide 2x aaa batteries. Printed instructions are included so the creative fun starts straightaway.

Swat Truck with removable roof and space for up to 4 figures. Including working lights and sounds 1 x AAA battery required.
With trailer hitch.
Front winch.
The roof and windshield of the cab can be removed. The cab has space for one figure.
After removing the roof, up to 3 figures can be placed in the interior.
With hinged roof hatch.
The switch on the underside of the sound module can be used to switch between two different siren sounds.
The lights and sound one AAA battery required not included will auto shut off after a certain amount of time.
The movable double axles at the back of the truck allow it to travel across difficult terrain.
After folding down the stairs at the rear, a storage space for accessories becomes accessible.

Playmobil parts missing?

Playmobil 9360 SWAT Truck - Image 5Playmobil 9360 SWAT Truck - Image 6Playmobil 9360 SWAT Truck - Image 7
All Playmobil spare parts can be found on the official Playmobil website.
Official Playmobil 9360 spare parts.

Playmobil 9360 building instructions

If the building instructions for your Playmobil 9360 set were missing or maybe damaged when you purchased it?
You can view the booklet here. Official Playmobil 9360 booklet.


  • Modelnumber: 9360
  • Age: 5+
  • Theme: City Action
  • Total minifigures: 3

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