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The Lego buildings were created in consultation with lego builders

In 2006 a survey was sent to Lego builders aged 16 and older, who are registered with Lego as fanatical collectors. They were asked to share their ideas, how fans would like to build in the future. The results showed that buildings were a very favorite subject. A year later, with the help of various fans, the first set of the Modular Buildings came out, the "Café Corner". Various buildings appeared in the following years. The building series has been around for more than 10 years now!

The Modular Buildings, or also the Modular Buildings or Homes, is the collective name of a special series with Lego buildings. This series was introduced in 2007 to, offer the more experienced builders or collectors a challenge. Most sets have more than 2000 bricks and the individual buildings all fit together and form a complete city. This super-series is called a "modular building system".

image: Lego 10255 Assembly Square - for sale low as: 229.99

Lego 10255 Assembly Square


£ 229.99

Lego 10255 Assembly Square

image: Lego 10255 Assembly Square - for sale low as: 229.99
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Take a trip to the amazing Assembly Square, developed to celebrate ten years of Lego Modular Buildings, featuring a wealth of unsurpassed, intricate details and hidden surprises. Easy-to-remove building sections provide access to the highly detailed interior, comprising a ground level with a bakery, florist’s shop and café, a middle level with a music store, photo studio and dental office, and an upper-level dance studio and apartment with access to a rooftop terrace with barbecue.

Modelnumber: 10255
Age: 16+
Theme: Creator Expert
Pieces: 4002

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