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Review Large Lego Duplo sets! For small hands and great imagination

By Site editors - Disclosure - Price update: 2022 June 25 -

These large Duplo sets are full of educational fun

Duplo products are specially designed for young children. Introduce your child to the exciting world of trains, farm or racing and experience crazy adventures! Duplo stones are the ideal introduction to the world of Lego building toys. The cheerfully colored stones are twice as big as regular Lego bricks: perfect for young children with small hands and big plans. Learning processes can be stimulated with Duplo stones in a playful manner. With so many ways to have fun, children can continue to build, create and develop themselves. Duplo stones can be combined with Lego bricks and thus remain usable.

In this review we zoom in on the large Duplo sets from Lego

What do we think of the Lego Duplo sets?

These chunky Lego sets are perfectly designed for little builders hands, building fine motor skills and sparking creativity at the same time. For example; the train station. One of its best features is the coloured 'action' bricks that can be placed anywhere on the tracks. These bricks prompt actions as the train chugs along its track, including blowing the whistle, refuelling (pausing and making a fuelling-up sound), turning on lights, reversing direction and stopping. Kids will be thrilled by the Steam Train and will play happily alone with not just the train tracks but also its characters. Nice Bonus: If your kid already has another Lego Duplo train set, the tracks can be combined with this one to make unique railway.

Lego Duplo is famous for being super durable and able to stand up to years of punishing preschooler play, and the zoomed in set sets are no exception. If the train takes a tumble off a couch or even down a set of stairs, the engine and rail car piece snaps back together easily, so your kid can get back to the very serious business of keeping the trains running.


With the large Lego Duplo set you get a lot of fun for you and your small builder. Lego Duplo helps to expand the technical skills of your child. They are really challenged to build the most prodigious structures. We really fell in love with these sets as soon as we saw them. We had no idea how much variety and playability duplo sets had until we saw all the great sets together. Overall, we are more than happy with all of these products and would highly reccommend them for all the small builders in the world.

  • Endless gaming fun • Good quality • Durable • Sparks creativity • Builds motor skills
  • Large • so harder to store
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    Modelnumber 10875
    Age 2-5


    Theme Duplo
    Total minifigures 2
    Pieces 105

    Lego 10875 Cargo Train

    icon: Lego 10875 Cargo Train

    Lego Duplo - The Lego Duplo Cargo Train is now even easier for your toddler to control and interact with in multiple ways. Young children can become the train driver with the Push & Go motor — a gentle push either forwards or backwards sends the train on its way and a firm hold or lift off the tracks will make it stop. Help them place the 5 colored action bricks along the track to sound the horn,

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