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Review Lego Serious Play. More than for modern meeting tool

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Improve your business performance through a radical and innovative process

Lego Serious Play is much more than a modern meetings tool for companies. It is a radical and innovative process designed to improve business performance by building with Lego bricks. Develop team skills for more communication, imagination, self-confidence, involvement and insight. The Identity and Landscape Kit is perfect for making large models as part of a strategic planning or organizational development workshop. The Lego Serious Play Connections Kit is designed to show participants what relationships and coherence exist within the business environment with its network of people who depend on each other. Work with a group of ten to twelve participants in a workshop on application techniques.

What do we think of the Serious Play sets?

Participating in a Serious Play Workshop gives more insight within your company or department. The goal is very clear; speak a whole different language than you normally do. The traditional meeting where one talks and the other does or does not listen does not give much energy. You immediately see the atmosphere within the group change when the specially selected Lego bags are handed out. The group becomes enthusiastic and gets energy. There are stories shared and everyone suddenly thinks in solutions. Lego Serious Play is not used for nothing in the Lego Company and used outside of Lego by companies in more than 23 countries. If you take this seriously, then you have a top day full of surprising and positive results with your company.


The meetings that most companies deal with are boring and predictable. How do you get people out of their comfort zone? How do you organize an encounter between people who want to talk about complex issues in such a way that energy and creativity comes into the brewery? This product has been tested, analyzed and tailored to the business world for years, large and small. It involves insight, wanting to think about strategy, or teams that want to hold up a mirror and want to improve themselves. With Serious Play you are building, consulting and especially telling stories. Imagine how it goes normally without Serious Play. Then it comes down to just talking and discussing. That is fine of course, but do you want to use the resolving power of the participants and thereby analyze problems and tackle playing topics that can be far too complex? Then you should try the proven Serious Play.

  • Tailored to business • Extensively tested • Resolving ability • Creativity
  • Can be a threshold to use
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